MacCon is the premier supplier of “Security, Medical and Logistics” services in Alberta.

MacCon is a full service security, medical and logistics company that offers a range of services no other company in our industry can muster. As a major supplier of professional security services since 1995, our highly trained staff undergo ongoing and regular in-service training in areas such as First Aid, crowd control, conflict de-escalation, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, officer safety techniques and much more.

MacCon also believes that a well trained officer requires the best equipment. Our staff are equipped with the latest and most appropriate equipment from high profile uniforms to slash vests, radio communications, patrol vehicles, video equipment, traffic equipment and barricades.

Our team includes a world expert in the area of deployment and CPTED, current and serving members of law enforcement and government agencies, logistics and safety experts, and our own Medical Director. We understand that being "toughest" is not usually the best approach. We rely on training and cooperation with our clients and their patrons This, combined with a responsible, high profile presence makes our clients some of the safest in Western Canada. The skill set of our officers places them in high demand due to their open-mindedness, tolerance and discretion.

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