In partnership with our Management Team, staff and clients, MacCon is proud to be an industry leader in regulatory compliance.  We have aligned our policies and processes to be compliant with Alberta’s Acts, Codes, Regulations and  Standards that affect our industry, including:

Alberta Employment and Immigration
      Occupational Health & Safety Act
      Occupational Health & Safety Regulation
      Occupational Health & Safety Code

Employment Standards Code
      Employment Standards Regulation

Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security
      Security Services and Investigators Act

Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission
      Gaming and Liquor Act
      Gaming and Liquor Regulation

Alberta Health and Wellness
      Health Disciplines Act
      Emergency Medical Technicians Regulation

Alberta Transportation
      Traffic Safety Act
      Vehicle Equipment Regulation
      Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation
      Dangerous Goods Transportation and Handling Act
      Dangerous Goods Transportation and Handling Regulation

Workers Compensation Board - Alberta
      Workers Compensation Act
      Workers Compensation Regulation
      Partner in Injury Reduction (currently in the process of obtaining our COR)

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