(Hotel – Assistant Banquet Manager) “I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to you and your team. The response from my team and upper management has been very positive. Overall, I thought your planning and proactive insight was absolutely incredible and really gave our team a different viewpoint from a safety and risk perspective. Your team was very easy to work with and my staff reflects the comments with the strong presence that was in the room which really made the difference in managing our crowd. From my initial contact with you to the end of the event, your team and you were very professional and a pleasure to deal with. Thank you once again, we look forward in using MacCon Security as our security group of choice. “

(Street Festival – Manager) “On behalf of our Board of Directors, our staff, our 500 volunteers and 60,000 people who enjoyed every minute of the 2007 … Festival, please accept our sincere gratitude for your support.”  (Museum – President) “Thank you so much for attending and providing security services during our event (sic). As you are well aware, your overnight presence the night before the event and having you on scene during the event itself was very necessary and we really appreciate your efforts. For those of us who organized the event, it eliminates numerous concerns that we would otherwise have to deal with and makes things much easier. “

(Humanitarian Organization – CEO) “I hope this letter can convey how important it is to us to have members of the Calgary community like yourself behind the work we are attempting to accomplish. The work we are doing is about self respect for children, the same respect that is generated by the modeling your company is doing. On their behalf, you have my thanks.”  (Street Parade – Parade Manager) “On behalf of the … and the 2006 … Parade Organizing Committee, I would like to thank you for helping to ensure this years parade was a huge success. This years parade featured our largest line up of entries to date. We estimate that over 60,000 Calgarians once again lined our downtown route… We appreciate the professionalism and expertise that MacCon brings to the event and look forward to future opportunities to work together.  Thank you for all your hard work.”

(MacCon Event Planning Client) "I just wanted to thank you for sending XXX and XXX to our event last evening... wow. They were spectacular and did a great job. They were both incredibly accommodating and assisted at our event above and beyond the call of duty. I enjoyed them both and would be pleased to use them again at my client's corporate events."

(Cultural Festival – Facilities Chairman) “The … Festival is open to the entire city as well as to visitors to Calgary. It is an event that is focused on family entertainment and as such we have a large number of children attend with their families. This makes the need for effective security a main priority.  I have worked our annual festival for the past four years. The first year I worked in the finance office where large amounts of cash are collected and transported under security escort. The following years I have worked in the facilities department which keeps me on the grounds amongst the festival attendees and volunteers. The time I have spent in this environment has made it obvious to me that the uniforms worn by MacCon Incorporated guards not only makes them conspicuous in a crowd, their presence being a definite deterrent to possible disturbances, but it also makes their function and authority clear.  Guards wearing blazers and other “casual” style uniforms would not be easily noticed in a crowd and their authority is very likely to be questioned. I have actually experienced this in the work place.”

(Canadian Olympian Rally Event Planner – Managing Partner) ”XXX has had the pleasure of working with MacCon Incorporated on several occasions, including the 2005 … Parade and the 2006 Olympian Rally presented by the City of Calgary. We are very impressed by your efficient organization. Your security staff are well groomed, professional, punctual, well-trained and well-managed. We know that our events are in good hands when MacCon is involved and are firmly convinced that your guards presence, in their distinctive uniform, set you apart from other security companies in this are as do their deportment and reliability.  We look forward to working with you in the future.”

(Pub Crawl & Event Organizer – General Manager) “Our company …., has worked closely with MacCon Incorporated over the last nine years in developing a security & safety protocol that ensures the safety of our events.  As a MacCon client we require and demand the best Security Officers in the industry.  MacCon has been able to provide for these requirements in part by its development of a highly authoritative and professional presence that lets the general public and potential “troublemakers” in attendance of our events know that you are a well trained, well equipped entity that is serious about keeping all participants (and public) safe and secure.  This includes your well groomed staff, an authoritative uniform, appropriate equipment and ongoing training. We believe your high profile Security Officers are a large part of the safety and success of our events.  I wish to formally state that our company believes your uniform color, style, equipment and ongoing training sets you apart from the other security companies in the province of Alberta.

(Event Manager) “I have worked with MacCon Incorporated since its inception in 1993. I have hired them for numerous events and companies, including XXX and XXX Festival.  The main focus of MacCon guards at the … Festival has always been to get the local street element and regulars to the park on side to cooperate during the week of the Festival.  With the MacCon Incorporated authoritative uniform, MacCon has achieved a very official look. It not only makes them command respect from the local street people, but it also makes them readily identifiable to children who were lost or who needed immediate assistance. The guards uniform at the … Halloween Party, is highly appropriate as it is clearly a Security uniform and not simply one of the 700 costumes in the room.  I have worked festivals who hired other security companies such as … at Princes Island Park. The … Security Guards in there grey slacks and maroon blazers look like parking attendants or front desk attendants and do not offer a visible site security presence. In fact, during one particular minor crisis at …, the guards did not get involved in any capacity whatsoever, but instead waited for the police to arrive and take care of a situation that a small team of security guards could have easily dealt with.  I would not hire any local company except MacCon Incorporated to provide security for an outdoor festival.  They are casual yet observant, they have a presence without appearing threatening. I have seen them diffuse numerous incidents, while at the same time providing support to an event by offering information and direction to people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Their high visible uniforms are absolutely appropriate for the job they are hired to do. They have been in the security industry long enough to have put careful thought into the look of their uniform. They have chosen wisely.

(Cultural Festival – Board of Directors) “Over the course of three festivals, I have come to appreciate and respect the professionalism of xxx and his security officers. There is no doubt in my mind that the success of these festivals – each of which has been free of any incident that resulted in charges being laid or a person being hurt – has been in no small measure to the presence of MacCon Incorporated Personnel.  Part of the reason for MacCon’s successful security and crowd management at these festivals is their  identifiable uniform.  That suggests authority, I believe, in the mind of festival attendees and is appropriate for a large gathering of people at an outdoor music festival such as … Festival, or indeed, any of the other mass public events that MacCon routinely is contracted for and for which they constantly provide excellent coverage.  The confidence level I have for MacCon’s security coverage at our events is due to the fact that I know, should an incident arise, highly trained and authoritative guards will immediately be on top of the situation to take control and effectively deal with the problem.”

(Homeless Banquet – Security Director) “My name is XXX and I am the Director of Security for the annual XXX Banquet sponsored by the XXX Centre and held at the XXX Centre here in Calgary for the last 17 years.  I have been involved for the past 6 years in this capacity whereby I ensure the security and well-being of over 3000 homeless and less fortunate while they partake of a fully catered dinner complete with live  entertainment and then free clothing afterwards.  I have utilized the services of many security companies in the past including XXX, XXX and XXX. For the past two years I have utilized the services of MacCon Incorporated. I am only too happy to provide a few comments from the perspective of the ’client’ regarding uniform and general decorum.  The uniform is sometimes the only means of contact for the general public. First impressions are often achieved after the first 5 seconds of contact between a security guard and the general public. This first impression can often determine the nature of the verbal conversation to follow.  Body language, non-verbal communication along with dress and deportment are all critical in securing the foundation of any encounter. Many companies such as XXX, XXX and XXX are only too happy to place personnel with minimal training and equipment in very low-risk locations to achieve their business model.  MacCon, however, specializes in high risk, concert and special event venues where the risk of exposure to physical violence is very real. As such, a higher trained, better equipped and more effectively dressed security officer is critical for their clients.  In my experience with MacCon Incorporated, the number of assaults, thefts, confrontations and security incidents at the XXX banquet dropped by 30% in 2004 and 45% in 2005 *the years MacCon has been involved). Their staff were infinitely more professional and were able to interact and calm down problem patrons much more effectively than other companies I dealt with who were more likely to upset the patrons during their interaction. When a patron had to be removed, they were very capable andexpedited the process with minimal risk of injury to the patron or themselves. I feel confident in saying that few, if any, security companies would have been able to achieve this goal as consistently or effectively as did MacCon.  MacCon has been working hard to bridge the gap between the average, industry-standard security officer and the professional law enforcement officer by providing higher trained, better equipped and far more professional security officers (than the industry norm). The peace of mid that MacCon provides for a client cannot be over emphasized.

(Street Festival – Site Manager) “XXX, I would like to thank you and your crew at MacCon Inc for your support of the 2005 …Festival. Your team was professional and personable to deal with. Thankfully there weren’t too many situations for them to respond to, and the ones that did arise were dealt with discretely and efficiently.  I hope they enjoyed their four and a half days in the sun.”

(Museum – President) “I apologize for the late thank you letter for the job well-done on … Your contribution to the success of our “big event” was enormous, and much appreciated by all members of the …Society. Your staff are very efficient, impressive and professional. “

(Street Festival –Manager) “I am writing to send a HUGE round of applause to MacCon Inc and most sincere thanks for supporting the 2004 …Festival. The festival was an unqualified success, attracting over 56,000 people. … Thronged with crowds enjoying roving performers, an outdoor stage, face painting, story telling, crafts and activities. Thank you so very much for partnering with us to inspire young hearts and minds.”

(Alarm Services Company – General Manager) “I would like the opportunity to let you know how much we value the services that MacCon Inc provided …Alarm Systems. We find your team to be extremely professional and courteous. The alarms are responded to promptly and investigated thoroughly. The paperwork that is provided to us is comprehensive and meticulous. We find MacCon Inc to be very adaptable and flexible for our unique needs.”

(Fundraising Event – Event Planner) “I wanted to take the time to thank one of your employees “XXX” who worked with me on … at the… Event at (a private residence). XXX was extremely helpful with all aspects of the day, in pouring rain assisting us to ensure that no one fell on the slippery steps and entrance. He went way beyond the call of duty. It was very much appreciated.”

(Street Festival – Manger of Programs) “On behalf of the Calgary … Festival Foundation I would like to thank you and your organization for helping make the 2001 Calgary … Festival one of the best ever!  As per usual, the weather cooperated with us at the [location] and Calgarians came out in droves.  Once again, the partnership between Calgary … Festival and MacCon Inc was very successful and effective – there were no incidents this year! I appreciate your timeliness and professionalism and your willingness to go ‘above and beyond the call of duty’. I know that I feel safer with you there! And I know that XXX and XXX appreciate your expertise and guidance. It has been a pleasure working with you (and thanks to XXX and your other staff as well!) and we look forward to having you and your organization as part of the 2002 Calgary … Festival Team.”

(Catering & Event Planner) “Thank you for your services in the past year. As you know we are quite busy over Stampede each year and look forward to employing your staff to watch over our sites and tend to our clients. Thanks again for such wonderful service and we look forward to a busy and prosperous 2001!”

(Pub Crawl Company) “ … has had a business relationship with MacCon Inc for three years. During this time we have contracted security services for numerous events in Calgary.  The size of such events have been from 1000 to 6000 people and have been executed all over the city. Each event to date has been an overwhelming success.  MacCon also offers clients additional services; we frequently request additional radios/batteries for our own staff to communicate with.  All MacCon staff have been courteous and professional in their dealings with … Staff and Guests.  I personally have seen MacCon in action at other sites aside from … Events. They have been well represented at … in Nisku, the … Concert at the Saddledome, and at … I would recommend MacCon Inc for any event, large or small.”

(Woman’s Shelter – CEO) “On behalf of the staff and clients of the …, we want to thank MacCon Inc for supporting our event by providing us with on-site security services. Your assistance in helping us do the best we can to benefit our clients is greatly appreciated.  Again thank you and rest assured that your support did not go unnoticed.”  (Street Festival – Administrator) “Once again, on behalf of the … Festival administration and the thousands of (patrons) who participated in the 2000 event, I would like to thank you for providing us with excellent Site Security. Especially considering the circumstances!

(Corporate Event – Planner) “Thank you once again for an outstanding job with … this year.  I realize how much planning went into maintaining an event this size.  Please keep the Wednesday of next years Stampede open for us – and I promise it wont rain!”  (Cultural Festival - Committee) “On behalf of the … Festival Committee and the …Community of Calgary, we wish to thank you for your support during the 2nd annual … Festival. The support you and your staff provided enabled our …  Community to establish the … Festival as an annual event, enjoyed by all Calgarians. The … Festival is a major fundraising event in our community, and with your help this year we  were able to make it a great success. Once again the Committee appreciates our contribution to the … Festival, and we look forward to seeing you next year.”  (Concert Venue – Emergency Services Coordinator) “Thanks for all your help at … Your guards were excellent to work with, and helped us out on a number of fairly serious incidents throughout the concert.  It was a switch to deal with guards who were actually trained in aspects of security (as opposed to the usual big thugs hired off the street). We did not hear of a single report of over-aggression on the behalf of your staff, and didn’t have any injuries related to crowd control efforts on behalf of your people.  The professionalism of your company is refreshing to the event business. Just for your information, your company has been the easiest security company to deal with that we’ve worked together with on a concert to date.  We appreciate all your efforts, and definitely plan to advise those responsible for hiring security for the concert to bring you back again for future events.”

(Event Planner) “I would personally like to thank you for all the support and assistance you have provided for my company in the past. Your professionalism and expertise in the areas of security, site control, logistics and management have been proven to me time and time again. Your assistance at my events has been a definite asset for me being able to provide my clients with high quality service. Please be assured that when I can, I will use your services again, and that I would highly recommend you to anyone that inquires.”

(Corporate Event Planner) “I cannot begin to express how much I appreciate the work you did with … Event.  Staying afterwards was definitely above and beyond the call of duty.  I certainly hope I can return the favor by passing your name around the community.”

(Theatre Company Fundraiser Event – Director of Development) “On behalf of the Board of Directors, the staff and all those who attendee and enjoyed XXX 2nd annual … Festival, thank you for your support as our site security provider.  With an event this size and nature, there is certainly opportunity for our guests to over-enjoy and the risk of confrontation and possible injury.  MacCon Inc provided us, as event organizers and hosts, with the comfort and peace of mind needed to present the event. The professional, discreet and attentive skills and manner of your personnel deserve comment and recognition.  Their professional appearance, deportment and ability to diffuse difficult moments did not go without notice.  Please extend our thanks and appreciation to them.  XXX looks forward to the opportunity to work with MacCon Inc for other special events we host. Thank you for a job well done.”

(Festival – Administrator) “Over 31,000 attendees participated in the wide range of Festival events. The safety and treatment of so many young people is always a primary concern for the Festival.  In this regard, MacCon Incorporated was a great addition to our site and we would like to thank you for your knowledgeable support.  It is gratifying to note that there were no child/parent separations longer than 5 minutes. Your staff worked effectively with the Festival Team in order to reunite children and parents/caregivers quickly and efficiently. MacCon’s staff responded promptly and effectively to all incidents and potential problems, always keeping Festival Administration informed of the status of every situation.  The … Festival has no hesitation in recommending MacCon Incorporated to other major events.”

(Concert Venue – Emergency Services Coordinator) “… Concert was the single largest event ever held at … since its inception in 1986. MacCon Incorporated worked closely with Event Medical Services to plan and control the site for this event.  Unlike many events, Medical Services did not hear of a single report of over-aggression on the behalf of MacCon staff, and didn’t have any injuries related to crowd control efforts on behalf of their people.  MacCon’s professionalism and competency is refreshing to the event business.  The crowd was a highly energetic and often aggressive group of early adults. The site involved an extremely large beer gardens, in which we as Medical Services were kept constantly informed by MacCon staff of any potential of over consumption problems which were likely to arise.  Their response to any situation that did arise were prompt and definitive. We highly recommend MacCon Incorporated for any major events.  Extremely large concerts involving young adult crowds are the most difficult events to control. MacCon Incorporated did an excellent job n just this type of event.  The people in attendance at … were handled extremely well by their organization, and from a Medical Services standpoint, we have no hesitation in supporting MacCon for bids regarding security for other major events.”

(Concert Event – Promoter) “This event weekend is estimated to be attracting upwards of 10,000 people and the sites estimated size is 100acres. MacCon Incorporated’s security positions will entail various demands.  There are 4, 24 hour camp site grounds, four beer garden areas, four exit/entry gates and numerous in-site gates for different areas such as backstage, VIP areas, etc.  We’ve chosen MacCon Incorporated for their expertise in security and their organizational skills in working with security volunteers.  We are expected to need up to 250 security volunteers for the weekend and MacCon will be heading the security movement with their own supervisors and guards.”

(Event Planner, 2010) “Hey …, I just wanted to follow up with you in regards to your service on Saturday. Thanks very much, you guys did a great job.  I thought you should know we received excellent feedback from our client about your services throughout the evening.  … was impressed with your ability to understand the sensitivity of the situation; we didn’t want you to be overly intimidating, but still direct enough to enforce her wishes among the kids.  Your ability to comprehend this and find the balance between intimidation and direct was great and we appreciate your professionalism. Thanks again… , I look forward to working with you in the future."

(Security Manager- Major Home Improvement Chain, 2010) “Hi …, Just to let you know I have heard nothing but good things from all the stores. The Managers were very impressed and at the Crowfoot store your person may have uncovered an internal theft ring which I will be looking into as your persons report was so detailed. Thanks again …”

(Event Planner- Celebrity Book Signing Event, 2010) “Hey there …, I want to say thank you for all the help and work you provided for us at the … this past Sunday. … who was on site was absolutely enthralled by the efficiency, productivity and  service that your staff was able to provide. It’s safe to say that if we ever need a security team in the future, we know that we can rely on you and your team. Thanks …”

(Director of Operation – Major Hotel, 2010) “…: I just wanted to take a quick moment to commend you and your team on their coverage this past weekend here at the Delta Bow Valley. The three gentlemen that I met from your team were all professional, polite, and were able to take on the duties we needed them for very well. I was also impressed with the quality of the equipment that they all were outfitted with, which gave me the confidence that they would be able to handle any situation as it came up.  It was a pleasure to work with your team, and the presence on site helped considerably in ensuring we were able to have a quality lodging experience for all of our guests in house that night.  I hope that if we require any security services in the future, we will be able to call on your team to do this for us.  Sincerely, …”

(Senior Manager Security & Life Safety – Major Shopping Centre, 2010) ”Dear … and …: On behalf of …, I would like to express my gratitude to you and your team.  Having a well managed traffic control team and supplemental bike patrol staff working in conjunction with our other teams made the … Gala and the following opening weeks a major success.  We were able to mobilize a mixed group of one-hundred security and traffic control people daily for 2-weeks.  This fact is absolutely stunning, but could not have been done without collaborative planning, strong leadership and a group of competent staff.  The MacCon staff were proficient in the duties and did them with a smile.  The excellent guest service appeared genuine as did the pride in the work they were performing.  Please take the time to share our thanks with all the staff that were involved. They did an amazing job. Thanks you so much for being a part of the team that made this a successful event, your dedication and commitment is truly appreciated.  I look forward to working together in the future on other events.  When things run smoothly it is never by accident, but by excellent planning and management.  Yours truly, …”

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