General Public Testimonials

(Street Festival – Attendee) "This is just a note to let you know how thankful I am to your employees for a job well done. Today at the … Festival I lost my 6 year old daughter, Clara, in the crowd. My friends, family and I had been looking for her for a good 20 minutes when I saw one of your security people at the traffic lights on 17 Avenue. I explained our situation to him and he immediately called several more security people who began looking for her. She must have been found within 5 minutes, thanks to them. We are so grateful!! They all deserve a pat on the back! If I had had the presence of mind I would have asked their names but in any case I hope they are relayed this message."

(EDE Event - Rave Patron) " . . .It is very exciting that I am being taken seriously. If I can help this even a little bit then I am completely satisfied. There are many people in my community of younger people that find it hard to believe that I got a response. Is it possible to find out the next event that MacCon is attending at the… event center . . . I did want to convey that we thought the security inside was very professional . . . Also, the first aid staff were very attentive! There was someone sitting near me, leaning against a backpack with her eyes closed, and she was nudged about every five minutes by first aid staff to make sure she wasn't passed out and was ok. This was very admirable!"

(Concert Party – Attendee) “Last week, my fiancée, a friend, and I were at the --- concert at …, when my fiancée got ill with a mild asthma attack.  I would like to thank you and your staff for the help and attention we received that night. As it was, my fiancée was fine enough to be taken home.  I appreciate your help and will be back in the future to see another concert at…”

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